shanae - what do you expect from me?

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Just Wanted Your Love - Alexz Johnson
You got steam the wheels are a'turning its just me i'm crashing and im burnin out, shouldnt we be making out?

Runaway - Cascada
how can it be boy? youre still a runaway you chased a dream from heaven above

Holiday From Real - Jack's Mannequin
if you left it up to me everyday would be a holiday from real,

Orange Sky - Alexi Murdoch
well i had a dream i stood beneath an orange sky, with my brother standing by
shanae - what do you expect from me?

(no subject)

Toy Solider - Charlotte Sometimes
Don't even touch me my hands are cold as ice, and as a toy soldier in my life i've nothing left to give i know this fighting hurts, the more i yell at you the less you seem to learn

One Week of Danger - The Virgins
Well is there something that you wanted from her yes, i want her legs, her body and her cash, and is there something that you needed from her no, man if she's playing hard to get i'm out the door

Spin - Alexz Johnson
People left they are sick of not going i leave em sick of believin, everyone runs from someone they're chasing there's places up for tasting leaving my box, i'm sick of retracing i stay, i'm sick of not leaving can't live to only win just take me for a spin

Fuck Was I - Jenny Owens Young
Love tears me up like a demon opens the wounds and fills them with lead, and i'm having some trouble just breathing, if we werent such good friends i think that i'd hate you if we weren't such good friends i'd wish you were dead

Wires and Waves - Rilo Kiley
How did you survive all those fires and floods? how did you survive your insufferable friends? it was the plow that broke the western plains and its just my heart gets rejected by my veins 

2AM - Jeen O'Brien
Someone’s scratchy music through the walls sirens weaving through the streets i must’ve missed your call i’m gathering up these nights, black on black, i know your voice like it’s my own and it makes my heart go slack, i can’t tell the stars from the downtown lights

Chicago - Alexz Johnson
Spreading wings, little things are, keeping you away from me on a plane, I’m leaving for Chicago any place I go, you can’t run leaving town, wont be found here tomorrow telling stories, mine has just begun

7 song shuffle for you all =)